"I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Everybody loves the weekend. Time off from work to do whatever you like, whenever you like.
Lots of us plan fun activities with friends and family. If you are like me, Friday nights are for going to dinner, or a movie, or social events. Saturdays are fun and somehow always busy, even hectic at times.

And then there is Sunday, lovely Sunday. It is a day like any other in most ways, and just another day in the weekend. Historically and traditionally in Western culture it is a day of rest. A day for family and worship. Although I do not actively practice and organize religion, I can't help but agree that Sundays were meant for family, for rest and for peace.

Unlike any other busy day of the week, I find that on Sunday I can finally relax, unwind, and really be present. I can focus on the now and notice and appreciate the little things. Watching a movie with my husband, reading a good book, playing a game with family. Sundays evoke feelings of security, simple pleasures and true happiness. The smell of Sunday dinner, the simple act of making the dinner. I always find joy in cooking; it relaxes me, gives me purpose and challenges me, and for some reason it seems to have more joy or meaning on Sunday. Its the slowing down, the taking the time to cook a meal from scratch, to leisurely enjoy it in the company of loved ones.

I love that as I grow older, and in this day, I have the freedom to keep the traditions that bring me joy; resting for a day, spending time with family, but I am not chained to anything for the sake of it.
I am free to chose the life that love, the way that makes me complete, free and happy. What a privilege and a blessing. I am thankful to my parents, my country, my husband and my friends for letting me choose. I know how vital it is to happiness to be able to be yourself. 

So here is to freedom and happiness.

And here is to Sunday; to family, friends, resting, and simple pleasures.
Happy Sunday!

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